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About Us

In 2009, two established technology consultants founded an ICT company and registered it 2010. Leveraging on their unique synergies in IT, communications and advertising, the consultants began what was to be a great journey into the world of pictures and data with strong emphasis on the tiniest detail.

Sixcom is the creative arm of the company that provides websites design and development solutions, IT support, SMS and Email marketing solutions backed by a team of experienced and dedicated web developers, designers, creative writers and Information Architects.

Sixcom Technologies & Consultancy has well defined brands having provided solutions for NGOs, Airlines, Government Agencies, Telco Companies.

Our deliberate approach to seek lasting partnerships in provision of solutions rather than just services, has truly made a difference to the way our clients use their existing IT infrastructure and incorporate new trends for in-house communication, data manipulation and advertising.

Strategic use of IT

We think of your IT infrastructure as a whole; how it fits in with your in-house communications, how it enhances office productivity and how it interfaces with external advertising and correspondence. Over the years, the effects of more compact systems, better connected IT strategies have enabled our clients to be more be productive, reduce idle and wasted capacities and seamlessly integrate their in-house systems with external correspondence.
The skills we employ to ensure successful IT strategies have been tested and proven in the market to work well and sustainably with high returns on investment.

Personalized Service

We practice a strong work ethic so you will always get the best service.
The one thing that is synonymous with all our clients’ testimonials is the personalized nature of the Sixcom experience. We are really not about gadgets and gizmos; we speak your language. We take the time to listen to our clients, understand where it is they want to go and take them there in the most appropriate manner.


Innovation drives our business to ensure that you always enjoy the most up-to-date and relevant IT solutions available in the market.