Network Support

Understanding how they work requires intimate knowledge of a huge range of different subjects, from cabling and network design through networking protocols, wireless networks, switches and routers and on to hardware, operating systems and applications.

We provide a range of consultancy services such as Network Health Checks and our unique No fix, No fee" troubleshooting service that enable organizations to benefit from a decade of experience in the networking arena. As well as the usual Microsoft systems and applications, e have experience in Disaster Recovery planning and preparation, Linux and Mikrotik systems, Thin Client solutions, Virtual Private Networks and network security.

What does a network health check cover?
During a network health check we look at a number of different aspects of your network, depending on your particular requirements. Typically we will spend time looking at servers, checking things like server configuration and security; server performance; error log files; memory and hard disk usage; backup software configuration; anti-virus software configuration and collecting other important information. We can also look at things like network performance, analysis network traffic and even run some basic tests on the firewall, depending on how you want us to spend our time. We then go away and produce a written report summarizing our findings
and making any recommendations we think are appropriate.

Why would I want a network health check?
If you already have a support provider, a network health check can be used as a way of obtaining a "second opinion" on critical aspects of your network. Alternatively, a health check is a very useful way of getting an objective view of your network and a way of making sure that you have the most important things covered.

How does "no fix, no fee" troubleshooting work?
The basic concept is very simple: if we fix your problem you pay us – if we don't fix it, then you don't. In the majority of cases we do achieve a fix; in some cases we cannot help; and in some cases we track a problem down and pinpoint the cause, but are unable to make the changes necessary to implement the fix. This can happen for many reasons: change control procedures may forbid changes from being made without advance notice; the changes needed to achieve a fix may be the responsibility of a third party supplier; or the fix may have an impact on other systems or services such that a business decision has to be taken first. In these situations, customers normally agree that we have achieved the desired goal, and the fee is paid.

What other consultancy services do you offer?
Because we work with so many different customers in so many different ways, we can apply our skill and experience to all sorts of different scenarios. We can help you to complete projects that are floundering because of a lack of specialized knowledge, or a lack of resources. We can take a fresh, objective look at your systems and suggest ways of improving their functionality or their performance, or tell you of things we have seen at other sites that might also benefit you.